Outside Ourselves 

Writing songs. Performing songs.  Sure, there's some sharing but it's mostly all in my head, all the time. I love the chance to step inside someone else's experience of a song, to try it on ...

I met Jamie Jobb at our Armando's show this past January while touring the Bay Area. I've only known him a short while, but long enough to know he's an indefatigable student of life, people and experiences, art and music lover, published author, documentarian, historian and videographer, and that's, likely, just the tip of the iceberg with this cat.  He sent me a video he cut to "Jesus Is In My Swimming Pool" and I think you'll love the evocative images - check it out!  Thank you, Jamie!!!  



A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt and Benefit for Parkinson's Research 

Time to play catch up with video!  That's what spring cleaning is all about, right?  Throwin' it all the way back to Dec. 2014 at The Satellite. Tatiana Zaza, with support from George Sluppick and a long list of singers and players in the greater Los Angeles area put together a truly memorable night!  Thanks Jeremy Passmore for catching Yours Truly and a handful of others on video (Tatiana Zaza, Baskerville Jones, David Sparrow, Pearl Charles, The Zmed Brothers) Please give at Parkinson.org  #lindaronstadt #littlelonely #parkinsonsresearch

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