Heart of the song 

I'm reminiscing about this interview last year with Joe Armstrong and Sean Hoffman on guitar. These songs have developed and matured with the band since (you Angelenos can see/hear for yourself at the Honky tonk Hacienda on 11/20) but these stripped down early recordings really get to the heart of the song, especially "All Night"

NEW VIDEO and a SHOW Nov 20th at El Cid/Honky Tonk Hacienda! 

"Carnival King" Video - WATCH IT HERE!
(MacArthur Park footage by Wonder Bright and live footage from our Grand Ole Echo show by Jeremy Passmore!  Funny how donning a creepy mask can actually bring you closer to people.)  

And ... Come get close with us next Thurs Nov 20th at Honky Tonk Hacienda at El Cid in Silver Lake (google maps).  We open for Doug C and the Blacklisted!  9pm and it's 5 bucks at the door!  This could be our last full band show of 2014. Come help us celebrate a fantastic year at this speakeasy-turned-honky tonk with the lovely Suzanne O'Keefe hosting the night!  http://www.elcidla.com/event/712479-honky-tonk-hacienda-doug-c-los-angeles/
NoCal pals, we're coming your way in late January, stay tuned!
Thanks for your support!
Little Lonely